Internet Marketing For Beginners – Creating Your Graphics

This is one of the more enjoyable internet marketing tasks for me as I enjoy being creative with graphics.

It’s another step that you will need to take in the creation of your product, whether you have created a product from scratch or have used a PLR product.

I f you have created your own product from scratch then you will most definitely have to come up with some original graphics for your product and your website.

By using a PLR product you will also be better off by creating your own graphics to give your product a unique look. In fact it is even more important that you recreate the graphics if using PLR as chances are that others are also using the very same product.

By changing the graphics, your product has a much better chance of standing out amongst the others, therefore increasing your sales.

Most of the time when you purchase PLR products, you will get a set of what’s known as P.S.D files and these are simply editable Photoshop files that you can manipulate and come up with your own look.

You could also take another route and have your graphic professionally created and usually you can get this done for a very reasonable price. But if you’re like me I prefer to use my own creativity and design my own, just remember that if you have the option of having them done for you if you’re not confident in doing it yourself!

Photoshop is a quite expensive piece of software when you are first starting out in internet marketing, but there are other cheaper alternatives as well as free tools!

Just simply do a Google search for graphic editing software and also search for free versions. There is one graphic editing tool online that seems to be very popular and it is called “Gimp”. I personally have not had much to do with it as I do use “Photoshop”, but I hear that it will just about do all the basic things that Photoshop does other than the more advanced stuff!

There are other cool site out there that you can use to create some awesome looking text, banners and graphics, too many to discuss in this short article.

Another important point that I would like to mention here is, that when you are creating your graphics keep in mind the concept of branding. In other words try and keep to a certain color theme and match your headers and footers as well as your buttons on your web pages.

This is called branding and it will distinguish you from the other internet marketers out there. It will enable your customers and subscribers to recognize your websites at a glance!